Mark Kiefer has over 20 years of experience helping clients solve the most complex business problems. During this time he has led dozens of consulting engagements ranging from very quick turnaround projects to large scale efforts involving multiple subcontractors and spanning several years.  He has served clients in North America, Europe, and the Asia/Pacific region.  A brief summary of project experience is provided below:

Business Strategy and Market Assessment
  • Led the development of a business environment assessment for a global defense contractor
  • Led due diligence of a fractional aircraft provider for a major fleet acquisition transaction
  • Helped a global defense contractor develop entry strategies for new geographic markets
  • Helped an IT services contractor develop a growth strategy
  • Assessed the impact of post-9/11 airline industry restructuring on pilot compensation
  • Developed an ocean shipping cost model for a major minerals producer for a growth strategy
  • Analyzed the impact of the departure of the main hub carrier for a major hub airport

Litigation and Arbitration Support
  • Served as expert witness in environmental litigation for major defense contractor
  • Managed large-scale document review and cost analysis in missile contract litigation
  • Supervised preparation of expert report in contract litigation involving military avionics
  • Analyzed industry trends in litigation between a cargo airline and aircraft leasing company
  • Supervised financial analysis in international arbitration over a privatized airport terminal
  • Led damages analysis in international breach of contract arbitration for a defense contractor
  • Conducted financial analysis in tax litigation case involving a company in the bus industry
  • Drafted part of expert report in litigation concerning a statutory monopoly in ferry services
  • Managed auto dealer litigation alleging illegal pricing and allocation practices by a distributor
  • Led analysis in litigation over pricing practices between a dealer and truck manufacturer

Demand Forecasting and Market Research
  • Developed logit model to forecast business jet market share based on aircraft performance
  • Led ridership and revenue forecasting for the $45 billion California High Speed Rail system
  • Designed and managed FAA survey of over 15,000 passengers at 10 New England airports
  • Designed focus groups to test consumer acceptance of automotive safety systems
  • Assessed market potential for Very Light Jets and Civil Tiltrotor Aircraft
  • Developed model for forecasting demand for alternative fuel fleet vehicles in California
  • Designed focus groups and in-depth interviews with aircraft owners and operators      

Regulation and Public Policy
  • Estimated economic impact of climate legislation on US airline industry using CGE models
  • Developed model to assess impacts of congestion pricing and slot controls at a major airport
  • Estimated national economic impact of significant growth in sales of Very Light Jets
  • Assessed competitive effects of pricing practices in freighter aircraft conversion market
  • Made case for inclusion of aerospace manufacturers in government war risk insurance
  • Analyzed competitive impacts of a partial merger of the two largest Canadian railroads
  • Developed simultaneous equations model to assess fare/service impacts of Regional Jets
  • Estimated public benefits from deployment of advanced technologies in the trucking industry

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